Families undergoing change as a result of separation/divorce experience a great deal of strain on many fronts.


A mediator can help navigate through this difficult terrain providing clarity and focus so everyone can negotiate well for himself or herself while ensuring the best interest of their children.

Christine’s Approach

Christine has a rare ability to balance no-nonsense verbal skills with warm, sincere affect to make people comfortable expressing what is important to them. She recognizes that part of her role as a mediator is to help parents redefine their relationship so they can co-parent effectively. Her approach is family-focused and child centered. She maintains the best interest of the child as the foundation for all the negotiations.

Christine ensures that the child’s voice is heard throughout her mediations, whether it is through interviews or through the parents or other significant individuals in the child’s life. Her intuitive nature combined with her goal-oriented focus has always been a successful combination towards reaching an agreement.

Mediation Services

As an experienced mediator, Christine offers the following mediation services:

Ms. Kim was empathetic, insightful, helpful, creative, and facilitated a fair and balanced solution that was in the best interest of the children.
Mediation Client

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for referring us to Ms. Kim. She is awesome. Ms. Kim got a deal done.
Mediation Client